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College Road,Yorkshire College (Woodhouse)
Black & White imageUndated view of Yorkshire College buildings on College Road (now University Road), probably taken around 1894. The architect was Alfred Waterhouse. In 1904 the Yorkshire College was granted a royal charter to become the University of Leeds and these buildings are now the Edward Baines Memorial Wing of the University.
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Headrow, Yorkshire College of Music (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White imageOctober 1981 On the left is Park Cross Street. Hood's Travel shop has a poster advertising 1982 brochures. The block of property has the lettering 'Yorkshire Training College of Music' along the front. It has since been demolished.
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Leeds University, Clothworkers Court & Great Hall, University Road (Woodhouse)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the entrance to Clothworkers Court on the left and the Great Hall, right, situated in University Road (formerly College Road). The buildings were designed by Alfred Waterhouse R.A. in red brick with stone facings in Gothic Collegiate style. Clothworkers Court housed the Textile Industries Department of the Yorkshire College and was built and equipped by the Clothworkers' company at a cost of £16,000. It opened in 1879. The Gothic style Great Hall incorporated the library and cost £22,000 to build. The hall is 86 feet long, 48 feet broad and 32 feet high and can accommodate 1,100 people on ceremonial occasions. It was also used for examinations. At the north end of the building there were dining and luncheon rooms and separate common rooms for male and female students. The Great Hall was opened in October 1894 by the Duke and Duchess of York.
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Leeds University, Yorkshire College (Woodhouse)
Black & White image11th October 1929. View of the Yorkshire College, situated on University Road. This was the origin of Leeds University. The College opened in Cookridge Street on October 26th 1874 but a new site was chosen in 1877 and the foundation stone for this building was laid on October 23rd 1877. In 1878 it became known as the Yorkshire College. It expanded and developed until 1904, when University status was granted.
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Leeds University, Yorkshire College (Woodhouse)
Black & White image11th October 1929. Situated on University Road, this view shows the Yorkshire College buildings. Leeds University began life as the Yorkshire College, which had opened on Cookridge Street in 1874, moving to what was then the Beech Grove estate in 1877. In 1904 the Royal Charter granting University status was signed. Various buildings and schools were added to the site, including the Great Hall in 1894 and the Edward Baines memorial wing in 1885. In this photograph the premises were the Department of Agriculture.
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