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Ackroyd Street, road accident (Morley) (1 comment)
Colour image11th November 1962. Looking up Ackroyd Street from the doorway of Morley Friends' Adult School. Cobblestones still cover the road surface and there appears to have been an accident up the street. An Army lorry that had been parked outside the Drill Hall alongside the pavement on the right has seen its brakes fail, run downhill, bumped into a car and then careered across the road into the wall of a house at the other side. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive taken by Len Sanderson.
[internal reference; 2005127_160093:Morley M 580]
Aeroplane Crash (Guiseley) (14 comments)
Black & White image3rd March 1962 Aeroplane crash at Granville Terrace, Guiseley. The plane belonging to the Territorial Army Flying Group was caught in a snow storm soon after taking off from Leeds Bradford Airport (Yeadon Airport) and crashed at Guiseley killing the pilot and two passengers. A group of people can be seen in the background looking at the accident.
[internal reference; 2002910_20385378:WYAS 143]
Bridge Street, Hembrigg Mill, following boiler explosion (Morley)
Black & White imageJune 1863. One of the oldest known photographs of Morley, this shows the Hembrigg Mill on Bridge Street, shortly after a boiler explosion which occurred at 8.45 a.m. on Saturday 27th June 1863. 9 people were killed in the incident, 6 of them being mill hands and 3 who were either at home or on the street nearby. It was said that the explosion could be heard two miles away. Hembrigg Mill, a four storey scribbling, spinning and weaving mill, had been built about two years previously. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006427_161226:Morley M 738]
Car Accident (City Centre) (6 comments)
Black & White image22nd February, 1967 Car crash on a one way street after a 70mph chase. Several cars can be seen with police and members of the public gathered round. The stolen car had been chased along the inner ring road and the driver was arrested in Wade Lane
[internal reference; 2002912_55073184:WYAS 64]
Dewsbury Road, collision of a bus and a lorry (Hunslet) (8 comments)
Black & White image18th January 1966. Image shows the aftermath of a collision between a bus and a lorry in Dewsbury Road. A lorry transporting a 45ft long girder from premises in Jack Lane collided with a number 3 bus travelling to Leeds (although the destination reads 'Middleton'). Sixteen people were injured in the accident.
[internal reference; 2002912_8655947:WYAS 38]