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Armley Ridge Road, Amen Corner (Armley) (1 comment)
Black & White image14th September 1949.View of road and pavements looking north to Amen Corner. The left-hand pavement is bordered by bushes and railings leading to stone walls painted in black and white check at Amen Corner. The right-hand pavement has stone walls and railings to the side. To the right beyond the road, are the backs of three rows of houses, with advertising posters on them. The middle one is for Dunlop, the one on the right is for Old Charlie Rum. On the left, beyond the road, can be seen Hirst and Thackway Ltd., weather coat manufacturers, the Leeds Briquette Works, and the London, Midland and Scottish Railway Co. Goods station.
[internal reference; 8466:CLIC Armley]
Armley Ridge Road, Amen Corner (Armley)
Black & White image14th September 1949.ew of road and pavement looking north towards Amen Corner. Wooden telegraph poles, still with black-out markings to their base, run along the right-hand pavement. To the side of the pavement a broken wall, with waste ground behind. Beyond this, Kirkstall Bridge, with back-to-back housing and factories etc. Kirkstall Abbey can just be seen in the far distance to immediate left of bridge. Larger housing is to the far left of the road. Posters can be seen on the backs of the houses in the centre, one reads Old Charlie Rum.
[internal reference; 8473:CLIC Armley 22]
Ashton Terrace (Harehills) (4 comments)
Black & White image4th July 1949. View looking north-east up Ashton Terrace from Harehills Road. The shop on the corner is S. Clayton and Son, grocers. Above the shop, a painted advertisement for Nestle's Milk. The shop windows have displays of goods. Behind can be seen Danby's, hardwear shop; above an advertisement for Player's Please. Beyond the cobbled street are terraced houses behind low stone walls. The first houses have bay windows and dormers, those further up are of a plainer style. Two women can be seen near a line of washing. A telegraph pole is on the corner.
[internal reference; 8484:CLIC Ashton 1]
Back George Street (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image22nd October 1947. The rear of premises on the north side of Back George Street. On the right is the Market Hotel on Harewood Street, which has an advertisement for Tetley's beer on it. In the foreground vans and cars are parked. One van has advertisements for Buttercup Syrup on it. Most of the properties are in disrepair.
[internal reference; 5688:CLIC George 30]
Balm Road, Flax Mill Road (Hunslet) (3 comments)
Black & White image19th September 1935.alm Road's junction with Flax Mill Road; both cobbled roads with tram lines. A newsagent's is on the corner, with a large advertisement for Shell Oil over the door. Brick back-to-back houses with yards and communal toilet blocks. Small business premises and shops. On the right is a tall standard with an arm extending across the road, supporting power lines for trams.
[internal reference; 8392:CLIC Balm 10]