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Ladies Decorated Bike Ride (Wetherby)
Black & White imageUndated This group of ladies and young girls pose for the camera to show off their elaborately decorated bicycles. Flowers are entwined around handlebars and frames and hoops encircled with blooms and greenery are attached. The residents are dressed in their best clothes and are wearing hats also bedecked with flowers. This was the Ladies Decorated Bike Ride which may have been one of the events held at a Water Carnival. Carnivals were held at the Ings for a few years either side of the First World War. This may have been part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in honour of Queen Victoria held in 1897.
[internal reference; 20041011_19175356:LEO/WBY_0090]
Ladies Decorated Bike Ride (Wetherby)
Black & White imageUndated The image shows four young ladies standing proudly beside their flower decorated bicycles. Even the spokes are entwined with flowers. The occasion was most likely for the Ladies Decorated Bike Ride held during a water carnival.
[internal reference; 20041011_22164553:LEO/WBY_0092]
Lyddon Hall, Cromer Road (Woodhouse)
Black & White image6th September 1947. Picture shows the front of Lyddon Hall, facing the Catholic church on Cromer Road. The main gateway can be seen to the right. A large fire exit stairway can be seen in the distant left. An old motorbike can be seen clearly in the centre of the photo, parked on the road.
[internal reference; 8985:CLIE Lyddon 2]
Merrion Street, Briggate (City Centre)
Black & White image18th February 1929. Tramlines in street, also a car & person on a bike. Shops include chemist, Rexaphone (Gramophone shop) + Taylors Cutter + grinders. Above a sign 'Razors' in Merrion Studios. Lamp post also visible. People in street.
[internal reference; 2002319_32119387:C LIC Briggate (5)]
Middleton Park Circus (Middleton)
Black & White image8th November 1933. Showing the right hand side of the shopping precinct at Middleton Park circus. The retail premises visible are, from right to left: WA Appleyard and Sons, Confectioners; Leeds Industrial Co-operative Society General Store and Gallons Ltd, grocers. There are several bicycles outside the shops and people walking past.
[internal reference; 2002326_53277224:C LIC Middle (4)]