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Location - Leeds & District

Antique Centre, canal (City Centre)
Colour image5th October 1999. View looking along Leeds and Liverpool Canal, antique centre on the left. Photo is looking towards the railway bridge, a train can be seen crossing bridge and narrowboats are moored on canal.
[internal reference; 2002812_23363894:MIL 35/24]
Boathouse and Pavilion, Waterloo Lake, postcard (Roundhay)
Black & White imagec1912. Postcard of Roundhay Park with a postmark of 29th February 1912 franked on the back. The view looks across Waterloo Lake to the boathouse and pavilion. Built in 1902, the boathouse included a dry dock and could accommodate up to 150 boats. Its roof was used as a promenade for looking out over the lake. The clock was a later addition. The boathouse would eventually be transformed into the Lakeside Cafe with a second storey being added in the 1980s.
[internal reference; 201156_172185:Artemis Pack 30 (Roundhay Park-Lakes) no.48]
Boathouse, Roundhay Park, postcard (Roundhay)
Black & White imageUndated. Postcard view of Waterloo Lake at Roundhay Park showing the boathouse and landing stage on the right. People are climbing out of a rowing boat by the lake's edge.
[internal reference; 201159_172190:Artemis Pack 30 (Roundhay Park-Lakes) no.42]
Boathouse, Roundhay Park, postcard (Roundhay) (4 comments)
Colour imagec1908. Colour-tinted postcard view of Roundhay Park showing Waterloo Lake with one of its two boathouses in the foreground. A large number of boats are lined up along the edge of the lake. The postcard is franked with the date 29th May 1908.
[internal reference; 201159_172191:Artemis Pack 30 (Roundhay Park-Lakes) no.43]
Boathouse, Roundhay Park, postcard (Roundhay)
Black & White imagec1927. Postcard view showing boathouses by Waterloo Lake at Roundhay Park. Two boathouses can be seen, the older one in the centre and the newer one built in 1902 on the right. A large number of boats can be seen lined up at the edge of the lake. The postcard has a postmark of 31st August 1927 stamped on the back.
[internal reference; 201159_172192:Artemis Pack 30 (Roundhay Park-Lakes) no.44]