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Adel Lane (Adel)
Black & White image12th March 1953. The houses running along the west side of Adel Lane all show individual styles and finishes. Some are pebble-dash and brick, some have a plaster effect and just one is all brick. Each one has the same style stone wall and wooden gate. The tree in the centre has been trimmed and its companion has been chopped down. The waste timber can be seen ready for disposal.
[internal reference; 8494:CLIC Adel 8]
Albert Mill, St. Vincent Road. (Pudsey)
Colour image7th August, 2010. View of Albert Mill in St. Vincent Road, a former flock mill which later became a bobbin mill. The view looks west up St. Vincent Road, which is situated off Brick Mill Road. Image courtesy of John Garnett.
[internal reference; 201144_171987:LEO 5348]
Alexandra Road, no. 2 (Hyde Park) (6 comments)
Black & White image1969. In this image two little children are seen standing in the doorway of a red brick corner shop at no. 2 Alexandra Road. Inside crisps are on display including a variety called 'Chopstix' and another make called Tudor. On the other side of the road red brick streets run at right angles; from the left are Kelsall Road, Kelsall Place, Kelsall Avenue and Kelsall Terrace .
[internal reference; 2013122_174300:LEO 7025]
Armitage Brickworks, Woodkirk (West Ardsley) (1 comment)
Colour imageJune 1960. Image shows the brick kilns at Armitage Brickworks, Woodkirk. Photograph from the David atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 200743_163221:WA 056]
Aylesford Street and Back Aylesford Terrace, from Spring Close Row (Richmond Hill) (2 comments)
Black & White image1969. Charming photograph by Eric Jaquier showing two little girls and a labrador dog playing on a piece of wasteland where houses on Spring Close Row and Spring Close Street once stood. In the background, right, is no. 14 Back Aylesford Terrace, part of a row which forms back-to-backs with Aylesford Terrace, while moving left are houses numbered 12 then 14 Aylesford Street which back onto Aylesford Place. Another row of back-to-backs, featuring the opposite sides of both Aylesford Terrace and Aylesford Street, once stood in the gap between but had been demolished by this time. The rest of the houses in view would also subsequently be demolished. Thanks to all those who contributed to the identification of this photograph.
[internal reference; 2013122_174290:LEO 7015]