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Canterbury Chilled Meat Company, Kirkstall Road (Kirkstall)
Black & White imagec1910. Image shows the shop front of the Canterbury Chilled Meat Company at 295 Kirkstall Road. The shopkeeper is standing outside with two boys. All are wearing butchers aprons. The shop traded as Canterbury Chilled Meat from 1907 to 1914, when it became Albert Brook, butcher, and continued as such until at least into the 1960s. The shop was on the edge of the Cardigan estate, between Cardigan Crescent & Cardigan Row, and the area is now Kirkstall Industrial Park.
[internal reference; 201774_176229:LEO 8640]
County Arcade, Joseph Bradbury & Sons, Pork Butchery business, Staff Photograph (City Centre) (5 comments)
Black & White image1935. A group photograph showing the large number of employees who worked for pork butcher, Joseph Bradbury, (Porky Joe) in his business, Joseph Bradbury and Sons. Mr. Bradbury is seated centrally wearing a hat in front of his butchers shop at no. 42 County Arcade. The photograph was taken on the Sunday before Chistmas in 1935. Some of the staff are clad in white aprons and overalls. The photograph is taken at one of the many pork butchers shops owned by the family firm.
[internal reference; 20051220_160217:LEO 903]
Domestic Street at the corner with Sydenham Street (Holbeck) (13 comments)
Black & White image12th November 1929. Image shows Domestic Street, right, at the junction with Sydenham Street, left. The two shops visible are numbers 52 Domestic Street, Harry Schofield's grocers, left, and 50 Domestic Street, Misses Martha and Betty Austin, Pork Butchers. The shop premises are part of a row of back-to-back terraced properties opening on to Domestic Street at one side, right, and Atkinson Street on the other side, left. Properties on the west side of Atkinson Street are back-to-back with Keating Street. A sign on the wall of Austin's indicates the start of Sydenham Street. In the bottom left-hand corner there is a postbox located close to the junctions with Sydenham Place and Albert Street. In Domestic Street, at the right edge, the Unitarian Chapel and Sunday School is visible. In 1931 the chapel was converted to the Gainsborough Picture House by Leeds architect Frank Mitchell. It could seat 578 people with 113 being accommodated in the former chapel balcony. The cinema closed in 1966 and the building was used as a warehouse.
[internal reference; 9963:CLIC DOM 9]
Domestic Street at the junction with Sydenham Street (Holbeck) (5 comments)
Black & White image12th November 1929. Row of terrace housing runs down Domestic Street. A poster on the corner is for Isle Lane Chapel. On the corner of Sydenham Street is Austin's Pork Butchers. The streets are cobbled.
[internal reference; 9960:CLIC DOM 5]
Joseph Bradbury & Sons, Studio Portrait (Hunslet)
Black & White imageUndated. Studio portrait of Joseph Bradbury with his three sons, from left to right, Frank, Roland and William. Roland, pictured in his Royal Naval uniform, was the founder of the successful pork butcher's business of J. Bradbury & Sons Ltd. with capital raised from his demob gratuity which he received at the end of the First World War. His father, Joseph, brought his skills as a butcher to the firm (he had recently been working for Wainwright's, later bought out by Bradbury's) and Roland's two brothers, Frank and William, joined at a later date. It was decided to name it J. Bradbury & Sons Ltd. for ease although it was essentially Roland's business from its very beginnings. The Kelly's Directory for 1947 shows that the business had expanded greatly over the years with many branches of Bradbury's throughout Leeds. They are listed in Dewsbury Road (the very first shop at number 241 which Roland purchased in 1919), Great George Street, Tong Road, Hyde Park Corner, County Arcade/Vicar Lane, Meanwood Road, Harehills Road, North Lane, Roundhay Road, Darfield Place, Balm Road, Stanningley Road, Bramley, Town Street, Stanningley and Middleton Park Circus. The meat processing factory was based at number 1 Flaxton View, Leeds 11 and later there was a farm at Yeadon. Eventually, there were 21 branches of Bradbury's. Roland Bradbury is listed in the 1947 directory as living at 'Colette', number 4 Otley Road, Bramhope. He was eventually to become President of the Pork Butchers' Association (Leeds). The photograph was taken in the studio of photographer, Mr. William Harrison of number 68 Meadow Road, Leeds 11.
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