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J.H. Bean & Co. Ltd, Cast-Iron Cover (Unknown) (6 comments)
Black & White image1971. View shows a cast iron cover set in a brick wall, possibly for a coal chute, manufactured by J.H. Bean & Co. Ltd. of Leeds. J.H. Bean & Co. were a firm of hardware merchants established in 1857, originally in premises at 42 Basinghall Street. They later moved to 6 Albion Street till c1883 when they built their own premises at 31-32 Upper Mill Hill. This remained their head office though they also established warehouses at 22 Lower Basinghall Street, 17 & 19 Ventnor Street, Burley, and 141 Kirkstall Road, Burley as their business prospered for over 100 years; the name is listed in directories up until 1968. They kept a stock of all kinds of builders' hardware and ironmongery goods from kitchen ranges and fireplacees to nails, bolts and nuts and were patentees of the 'Leeds' Door Check and Spring which fitted to the tops of doors to closed them automatically and quietly. In later years they also specialised in noise control with sound insulation systems. The firm exported all over the world, particularly to Holland, America and Australia, and their business was 'one of the most improving and flourishing of its kind in Leeds' according to Industries of Yorkshire, Part 1 (Historical Publishing Company Ltd. 1888).
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