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Bewerley Street School, class photograph (Hunslet)
Black & White imageJune 1950. School photograph of a class of boys in their final year at Bewerley Street School, taken in the summer of 1950 when they were about to leave school and start work. All the boys would be aged 15 or shortly to become 15. The names of those pictured, according to Cliff Hayward who donated the photograph, are:- Teacher: Bob Hudson; Back row: Colin Herbert, Ronnie Webb, Cliff Hayward, Peter Taylor, Derek Foster, Stanley Robinson, Jack Clark; Middle row: Peter Clegg, Kenneth Cook, Peter Dawson, Brian Coulson, Ronnie Bickerdyke, Billy Brayshaw, Maurice Langton, Malcolm Douglas; Front row: Gordon Parish, Geoffrey Clayton, Bob Norfolk, Raymond Fox, Joe Mawson, Norman Ramsden, John Thickbroom.
[internal reference; 201789_176241:LEO 8646]
Cockburn High School, class 2A (Beeston) (3 comments)
Black & White image1933. School photograph showing the girls of class 2A at Cockburn High School in 1933. Their teacher, not pictured, was Miss Ebbage. The image was sent in by Mrs F. Jones, nee Baldwin, who recalls some of the teachers at the time as being Mr Norden (Headmaster), Mr Parker (Deputy Head), Miss Bartle (French and English), Miss Anson (Geography), Miss Hartley (Cookery), Miss Lancaster (Needlework), Mr Cubitt (Art) and Mr Twist (Orchestra).
[internal reference; 20171220_176409:LEO 8829]
Cross Gates Infants School, class photograph (Cross Gates)
Black & White imagec1926. View shows a class of pupils at Cross Gates Infants School, along with two female teachers, presumably taken in the school grounds. One of the girls pictured is known to be Nancy Atkin.
[internal reference; 2017914_176272:LEO 8681]
Holy Rosary School, Barrack Street, class photograph (Sheepscar)
Black & White image20th May 1954. Class photograph of the Standard 4 class at the Holy Rosary School, Barrack Street, which ran between Meanwood Road and Chapeltown Road. The children would be aged around 8 or 9. The image was sent in by Michael Doherty who believes the teacher was Miss Fisher and names some of the pupils as :- Back row, L to R: ? Slater; Bernard Farnell; Tony Carey; Michael Doherty; Brian Persil?; Michael Keoghan, ? Webster; Patrick Folan; Kevin Trainer. Front row, L to R: Mickey Murphey; Steven Wilson; ? Sing; Unknown; Cath Carney; Diana Marshall; John Wilson; George Wray. He is unsure of the girls in the middle two rows but they may include Gloria Leonard and Anne McConnell.
[internal reference; 2017927_176289:LEO 8684]
Horsforth Featherbank Secondary Modern School, class 2B (Horsforth) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1955-56. View shows class 2B of Horsforth Secondary Modern School, along with their teacher, Miss Crossley, seated in the centre. The pupils, as named by Kenneth Baldwin who supplied the photograph, are:- Back Row: unknown, Stuart Tennant, Richard Patch, Neil Metcalfe, Ken Baldwin, Peter Ward, unknown, Clive Batterick, Ian Rolfe; Second row from back: unknown, unknown, Andrea Hardwick, unknown, unknown, June Whitham, Diane Smith, Linda Grey; Third row from back: unknown, unknown, Carol Ingle, Marie Teale, Angela Brooks, Angela Hudson, Pat Knowles, Christine Elliot; Front row: Neil Penicott, John Brieley, Graham Speight, unknown, Colin Moore, Paul Barratt. The school was situated on the site on Featherbank Lane which is now occupied by Horsforth Featherbank Primary School.
[internal reference; 2017720_176236:LEO 8641]