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Albert Road, The Rock Inn (Morley) (1 comment)
Colour imageJanuary 1965. View of the end of the row on Albert Road which accommodates the Rock Inn, so called because of the steep rock face behind it, between Station/Albert Road and Troy Road, above which was Morley's first quarry. The spot where the car is parked was the site of the pinder's cottage. It was the job of the pinder to return animals that had strayed on to the cropland back to the common grazing land - the Low Common starting about the position of the Rock Inn and extending to the left. The Local Board of Health renamed the 'Low Common' 'Albert Road' in 1866 and 'Churwell Lane' became 'Victoria Road' in the same year. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006221_160759:Morley M 216]
Armley Hill Top, remains of common land (Armley) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows the remains of common ground and an old footpath at Armley Hill Top.
[internal reference; 2011413_172002:LEO 5363]
Armley Moor Stone erected by Armley Moor Common Right Trust (Armley)
Colour image2007. View of Armley Moor showing the stone erected by Armley Common Right Trust. It is dated 2000 AD and reads 'Land owned by the people of Armley and protected by Armley Common Right Trust'. The trust was formed over 100 years ago to protect 6 pieces of green space for the use of Armley residents. Armley moor stretches aong Town Street, on the east side, and continues to Wellington Road and Armley Gyratory. Stanningley Road is to the north and the railway line and Tong Road are to the south.
[internal reference; 2007517_163582:Community Pack 22 2]
Armley Moor, Armley Common Right Trust stone (Armley)
Colour image2007. View of stone erected on Armley Moor by Armley Common Right trust. It reads '2000AD. Land owned by the people of Armley and protected by the Armley Right Common Trust'. Armley Common Right Trust has been in existence for over 100 yaers and protects 6 pieces of land which are kept as green spaces for the people of Armley.
[internal reference; 2007517_163581:Community Pack 22 1]
Beeston Common, Beeston Road (Beeston) (25 comments)
Black & White imageUndate. A view of Beeston Common, seen from Beeston Road. A seat can be seen to the right, and terraced homes are also visible. It is thought that the land was left vacant because of disused mine shafts, later filled, but still unsuitable for development.
[internal reference; 2005519_87446231:LEO 633]