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Abbey Walk (Kirkstall)
Black & White image26th July 1950. Junction with Spen Lane looking north-east, before widening. The tarmac road is edged with a cobbled section. A large stone wall is to the left of this, with trees behind. At the top of the hill on the right is an ivy covered detached house known as The Lodge. The white rendered house on the far right is the first of a row of cottages known as Hark To Rover. In front of these houses a hedge, wooden gates and a stone wall.
[internal reference; 8800:CLIC Abbey 37]
Albert Grove, rear of Elmwood Cottages (Little London)
Black & White image1956. View of Albert Grove by the junction with Mill Lane on the right. On the left edge D & M Clothiers factory can be seen. The brick wall with advertising posters is the rear of Elmwood Cottages, numbers 3-7. Products advertised include bread, beer, New Zealand butter and cheese, milk, 'Gleem' toothpaste and Mackintosh's toffee. Also advertised are York and Beverley Races, Hunslet Feast, the Great Yorkshire Ideal Home Exhibition on Woodhouse Moor and cinemas including the Dominion at Chapel Allerton (showing Edward G Robinson in 'Illegal') and the Royal Cinema on Meanwood Road (featuring "Genevieve", "Doctor in the House" and "The Court Jester")
[internal reference; 2003221_88294620:WYAS Albert Grove (Camp Road) Box 2/2 No 99]
Albert Road, Grove Cottage (Morley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, Front view of cottage, known as Grove Cottage, on Albert Road. This cottage was once the home of the grandparents of Mr Herbert Henry Asquith, former Prime Minister.
[internal reference; 200323_80788821:MO 566]
Albert Road, Grove Cottage (Morley)
Black & White imageC1910. View of Grove Cottage, a detached house on Albert Road. Photograph from David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007118_162744:MORLEY M 2468]
Alderhill Cottage, Stonegate Road (Meanwood) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View looking towards Stonegate Road, Alderhill Cottage with date stone AD 1635. This cottage was next to Alder Hill.
[internal reference; 20021016_12316531:Historic Interest List E, E38(1)]