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Location - Leeds & District

Abbey Road, Kirkstall. Parapet wall of culvert. (Kirkstall)
Black & White image29th November 1937. Parapet wall of culvert showing Abbey Mill race. Plank bridge in foregound, with crumbling stone wall and iron railings to either side.
[internal reference; 82:CLIB Abbey 1]
Adel Woods, sewer culvert (Adel) (1 comment)
Black & White image24th March 1949. View of Adel Beck in Adel Woods, with stone sewer culvert built into the side of the bank.
[internal reference; 2676:CLIQ Adel 5]
Adel Woods, sewer culvert (Adel)
Black & White image4th May 1949. View of Adel Woods and Beck. Stone sewer culvert in foreground, with man standing to one side.
[internal reference; 2678:CLIQ Adel 7]
Alcester Road, Gipton Beck (Harehills)
Black & White image11th June 1947. View looking directly along Gipton Beck as it runs through a concrete channel near Alcester Road. The channel has brick walls, topped with railings on each side. A culvert is visible further along.
[internal reference; 8467:CLIC Alcester 1]
Alwoodley Lane widening (Alwoodley)
Black & White image25th February 1938. Widening of Alwoodley Lane showing culvert being built. Also in view are a wheelbarrow, wooden hut, 30mph road sign and gravel mixer.
[internal reference; 147:CLIB Alwoodley 1]