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Abbey Inn from Pollard Lane and Woodside works (Newlay)
Colour imageSpring 2004. View of the Abbey Inn from Pollard Lane, believed to have originated as an 18th Century Farmhouse, and first on record as an Inn in 1826. On the left, is the former Aire Valley Dyeworks run by Whitaker & Aykroyd, renamed Woodside Works. Whitaker's purchased the Inn around 1899 in an attempt to control the drinking habits of the workforce, it is believed. It was once used as a mortuary and, perhaps as a consequence, the Inn is rumoured to be haunted.
[internal reference; 2005426_32375735:LEO 572]
Abbey Inn from Pollard Lane railway bridge (Newlay)
Colour imageSpring 2004. View of the Abbey Inn from the Pollard Lane railway bridge. Behind the Inn is the delapidated Woodside works, formerly Aire Valley Dyeworks. The dyeworks, run by Whitaker's, owned the Inn in 1899. They sold it to the Bradford Dyers Association at a later date. Richard Whitaker & Sons (Brewers) purchased the Inn in 1948 and eventually it passed into the hands of Whitbread & Co.
[internal reference; 2005426_37394351:LEO 573]
Aire Valley Dyeworks (Newlay)
Colour imageSpring 2004. Image shows the Aire Valley Works. This was a dyeworks for cottons operated by Whitaker & Aykroyds Limited in the locality of Newlay. W.D.S. Tooling Aids Ltd. occupied the buildings more recently. It is marked on later maps as Woodside Works.
[internal reference; 2005426_67516726:LEO 565]
Aire Valley Dyeworks, later known as Woodside Works (Newlay)
Colour imageSpring 2004. View of the Aire Valley Dyeworks, now in a run down and delapidated state. It is situated in the Newlay locality and specialised in dyeing cottons. Whitaker & Aykroyd's operated the dyeworks for many years. In more recent years W.D.S. Tooling Aids Ltd. occupied the premises before they moved to their present location.
[internal reference; 2005426_54664248:LEO 567]
Churwell Tram Terminus, view from the railway bridge (Churwell) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1905. View from the railway bridge of Churwell Tram Terminus. The Junction Dyeworkds of George Hepworth & Sons is visible on the left, just past the bridge. A tram can be seen at the bottom of the hill and at this time this was the terminus of the line from Leeds. The service was implemented in 1904. At the bottom of the hill on the right the toll house is in view. Also on the right is the path to Churwell Station. Photography by photographer, Richard Simpson of Victoria Road. Research by Ronnie Barraclough. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 200934_168565:C0035-BW]