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Ash Road (Headingley)
Black & White image31st March 1936. Gardens in Ash Road. Wooden fence dividing property. Greenhouse in the centre of photograph, rows of semis in background.
[internal reference; 254:CLIB Ash 2]
Badminton Street (Sheepscar)
Black & White image3rd June 1943. A row of brick back-to-back terrace houses with slate roofs and dormer hatch windows. This view taken from the other side of the cobbled street shows each house fronted by a low brick wall and box hedge. Two houses have lean-to greenhouses in the front gardens.
[internal reference; 8486:CLIC Badminton 2]
Belle Isle Road (Hunslet) (6 comments)
Black & White image30th November 1950. Looking south south east, from south of the bridge near Sandon Place. The road sweeps uphill towards a barely seen group of houses and contains five traffic islands and two sets of tram lines. On each side at regular intervals stand posts which support electric cables and suspended street lights. Some houses are seen at the near left. Dominating the scene is a piece of rough ground with a road and wall. In the foreground a graduated wall and wooden fence run along the main road side. A detached brick house and garage are seen in the centre. In the far background there are the tops of a row of semi-detached houses. To the right are several brick semi-detached houses with large gardens some of which contain wooden sheds. One contains an Anderson shelter and one a greenhouse.
[internal reference; 8534:CLIC Belle 12]
Belle Vue Avenue (Oakwood) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. Old semi-detached houses, Tudor-framed, with greenhouses on side. Tall trees line the road, which is un-made-up.
[internal reference; 289:CLIB Belle 4]
Cardigan Road (Headingley)
Black & White image14th January 1921. Red House, showing garden with greenhouse and cold frame.
[internal reference; 2002327_47236270:C LIE Red (17)]