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Assembly Street (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image31st May 1950. The three storey brick built works of Regent Ltd (printers)on the left side of which is E. Orfords garage and Car saleroom and Raine Bros. plumbers merchants on the right. The one storey building to the right was the White Cloth Hall and the three storey building housed the Assembly Rooms. There are many vehicles parked outside of these three premises including one lorry, one van and six cars of different makes. The road is constructed of squared stone cobbles.
[internal reference; 8504:CLIC Assem 3]
Barrack Road, Fallen Wall. (Sheepscar)
Black & White image20th November 1926. Collapsed wall on Barrack Road showing parked vehicles which have been crushed by walls.
[internal reference; 435:CLIB Bar 1]
Belle Vue Road (Burley) (17 comments)
Black & White image25th April 1955. Looking south/east along Belle Vue and past Abyssinia Street there is a small grocers and Off-Licence with a lorry parked outside. The houses are brick built terraces. On the near corner there is a gap where a house has been demolished. A gas streetlamp and a telegraph pole stand on opposite corners.
[internal reference; 9007:CLIC Belle 10]
Berking Avenue (Richmond Hill)
Black & White image12th October 1950. Looking south from York Road along the Avenue. On the right is the brick built premises of John Curtis & Son Ltd. Shopfitters.On the left is Hardys Motor Radiator Co. There are several other business premises on the same side. Two cars and an Albion lorry are parked at the left hand kerb. On both sides of the Avenue there are gas streetlamps. In the far background there is a row of terrace houses.
[internal reference; 8659:CLIC Berking 1]
Bertha Street (Richmond Hill)
Black & White image15th January 1948. Showing a collapsed retaining wall behind Bertha Street. A lorry with its back tipped up and a man are at the top of a large mound of rubble. More terraced houses are visible behind.
[internal reference; 8191:CLIC Bertha 6]