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Abbey Road (Kirkstall) (2 comments)
Black & White image15th August 1950. Close-up of pyramid shaped stone milestone set into a wall and shrubs by main road. A metal plaque on the side says 'To London 200 miles south, to Edinburgh 200 miles north, erected 1829, B & B, Kirkstall forge 1779, Leeds 3 and 3/4 miles'
[internal reference; 3062:CLID Kirk 1]
Aberford Road, milestone (Garforth) (1 comment)
Black & White image1989. View of Grade II listed milestone located on the east side of Aberford Road. It is thought to date from the mid 19th century and is stone with cast-iron plates. Around the semi-circular head it reads 'Wakefield & Aberford Road Garforth'. Distances are given as 'Wakefield 9 miles, Oulton 4 miles and Aberford 4 miles.'
[internal reference; 2010126_170107:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY A6]
Arthington Road (Eccup)
Black & White image15th August 1950. View of a milestone at the junction with Eccup Lane and Arthington Road. The square stone is set to the side of the road. In the background are fields. The stone has a hand with finger pointing left to Headingley and a hand points right to Eccup and Harewood.
[internal reference; 3051:CLID Arth 2]
Arthington Road (Eccup)
Black & White image15th August 1946. View of a small square-cut stone milestone. A hand points to right for Leeds and Harewood Bridge. Bramhope is indicated on right facing side. The milestone stands in front of a low stone wall.
[internal reference; 3050:CLID Arth 1]
Green Lane (Farnley) (4 comments)
Black & White image28th April 1950. View of a round topped milestone in a field with a stone wall behind. On one side the inscription states Hallifax 9 miles (with this spelling), Leeds 4 miles and on the other side it states Wakefield 11 miles and Leeds 4 miles.
[internal reference; 3054:CLID Farn 2]