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Location - Leeds & District

Bradford Road, looking south-east (Drighlington)
Black & White image10th February 1977. Image shows Bradford Road. The row of properties on the right, numbered, from left, 37 to 43 Bradford Road, are known as Clafton Villas. Beyond the row the white building is the Painter's Arms public house at number 35. The view looks towards the junction with Whitehall Road.
[internal reference; 2007815_164499:S LIC BRAD 1]
Bradford Road, number 35, Painter's Arms (Drighlington)
Black & White image10th February 1977. View of the Painter's Arms in Bradford Road, a detached public house. It is a free house and sells Webster's Beers, and stands at number 35 Bradford Road.
[internal reference; 2007815_164497:SLIN Painter's 277]
Cardigan Road (Hyde Park)
Black & White image3rd October 1947. Showing a painters merchants, possibly the yard, on Cardigan Road. There appear to be some building foundations and building materials in the centre of the yard. To the left of the picture are garages. To the right of the picture are some worksheds with a disused cart propped up against them and several empty large cans piled up in front of the sheds. A large house backs onto the yard.
[internal reference; 8076:CLIC Cardigan 15]
Harrogate Road (Moortown) (2 comments)
Black & White image16th August 1935. This view at the junction with the Ring Road shows a brick built detached house at the centre. To its left are the stone built West View cottages. Turpin Bros. Painters, and J.E.Spence Cabinet Makers traded here. More stone cottages stand to the right of the house and there is a long stone wall with mature trees behind it in the distance. An electric streetlamp stands on the traffic island and many gas streetlamps run along the pavement, as do some telegraph poles.
[internal reference; 9127:CLIC Har 31]
Portrait of local artist, Mr Clough (West Ardsley)
Black & White imageUndated. Portrait of local artist, Mr Clough, who was an ambulance driver at Glover's Mill. He is pictured holding a paint palette in front of one of his works, which is mounted on an easel. Image used courtesy of Peter Aldred. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20071218_165661:WA0696-BW]