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Location - Leeds & District

Boar Lane, Holy Trinity Church, interior (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated. View looking down the nave of Holy Trinity Church, towards the altar. Pillars are on each side, among the pews. Organ pipes are visible on the left.
[internal reference; 7020:CLIJ Trinity 8]
Dee Adams paints a pillar box in honour of her daughter's Olympic Gold (City Centre)
Colour image10th August, 2012. Image shows Dee Adams, the proud mother of Olympic Gold Medallist (2012), Nicola Adams, as she gives a formerly red pillar box in Cookridge Street a lick of gold paint. The two pillar boxes, adjacent to the art gallery, are being given the gold treatment in honour of Nicola's outstanding achievement. She won through to the woman's flyweight 51 kg final at the London 2012 Olympic Games where she beat Ren Cancan from China, 16-7. Nicola Adams, who is from Burmantofts, was the first woman boxer to represent England when she was only 18. She went on to win a European Boxing Medal in 2007 and since 2009 has received sponsorship from the International Olympic Committee. Royal Mail has honoured each Team GB Gold Medallist with a gold pillar box in their home town. It has also issued special stamps to commemorate the success of each Gold Medal winner. Photograph by Ian Nipper.
[internal reference; 2012814_173972:LEO 6923]
Dee Adams shows the First Class stamp design in honour of her Gold Medallist daughter, boxer Nicola Adams (City Centre)
Colour image10th August, 2012. Image shows Dee Adams as she proudly shows off the design of the First Class stamp produced by Royal Mail in celebration of her daughter Nicola's boxing success at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Nicola Adams, a woman's flyweight boxer, won her Gold Medal when she beat the Chinese competitor, Ren Cancan, in the 51 kg final, 16-7. Dee Adams stands between the two Royal Mail pillar boxes, next to the art gallery, on Cookridge Street. The pillar boxes are also getting the 'gold' treatment as a tribute to Nicola, who is from Burmantofts. Each Gold Medallist from Team GB in the London 2012 Olympic Games has been honoured by a gold pillar box in their home town. Photograph by Ian Nipper.
[internal reference; 2012814_173973:LEO 6924]
East Street Beck (City Centre)
Black & White image7th December 1946. Looking in a southerly direction along the Beck is a multi-roofed brick built industrial building with louvre windows in each roof section. It has two wooden lean-to extensions. One of these is supported on iron pillars, the other on steel 'H' frame girders. Both are derelict. A lot of flotsam is gathered around the iron pillars. A five storey brick warehouse stands in the left top distance.
[internal reference; 8232:C LIB Timble 20]
East Street Beck (Timble Beck) (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image7th December 1946. The view along east Street Beck in a north easterly direction looking towards two culverts. On the right is a brick built industrial building which looks derelict. On the left is a brick industrial building with part of a chimney showing. This building has a wooden lean-to extension with a mainly collapsed roof and a brick built extension supported on iron pillars. Beyond the culverts can be seen shops and dwelling houses and two telegraph poles.
[internal reference; 8233:C LIB Timble 21]