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Location - Leeds & District

Barnbrough Street, nos. 1 - 9 (Kirkstall)
Black & White image1969. View shows Barnbrough Street looking down towards Kirkstall Road with Kirkstall Power Station seen in the background. Terrace houses shown are numbered (from left) 1 - 9.
[internal reference; 2015123_175347:LEO 7975]
Bridge, Wyke Beck, Halton Moor Road (Halton) (4 comments)
Black & White image28th September 1955.Picture shows the bridge over Wyke Beck on Halton Moor Road. Skelton Grange power station can be seen in the background. The beck has a few bricks in it and a small amount of debris. Grass and fields can be seen.
[internal reference; 7435:CLIW Wyke 72]
Councillors Visit Thornhill Power Station, Dewsbury (Dewsbury)
Black & White image22nd June 1938. Formal meal for Rothwell Councillors Visiting Thornhill Power Station. 1,Cllr. A. Roberts 2,Cllr. A.R. Cocayne 3,Mr. F. Butterick (Rent Collector) 4,Mr. F. Hartley (Architect) 5,Cllr. C.W. Wilson 6,Cllr. G.P. Hollings 7,Cllr. A. Newton 8,Cllr. R. Hartley(Chairman of the Council) 9,Mr. E.F. Moorhouse (Clerk of the Council) 10,Cllr. Mrs. I.E. Slater. 11,Cllr. H. Jackson 12,Cllr. E. Holroyd 13,Cllr. W. Hoult 14,Mr. T. Wilson (Sanitary Inspector) 15,Cllr. B. Armitage 16,Cllr. W.H. Phillips
[internal reference; 2002221_84777469:RO 1456]
Crown Point Bridge (City Centre)
Black & White image11th October 1950. Showing ornate cast iron work. Lamp standard on right parapet. Tower of St.Peters Church on left. Gable end with circular windows. Crown Point Power Station. Bridge was built 1842, listed building.
[internal reference; 4776:CLIW Crown 47]
Gott's Park, Kirkstall Power Station (Armley)
Colour image1970. View from the golf course in Gott's Park looking across the canal to Kirkstall Power Station. Redcote Bridge can be seen bottom left.
[internal reference; 2004426_73760623:LEO 220]