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Foundry Lane, looking east (Killingbeck)
Black & White image8th July 1929. View looking east along Foundry Lane close to Seacroft Lodge, with wooden fences and fields on either side. Trees line the road. A building just visible beyond the fence on the right is no. 698 Foundry Lane, which was described as a Presbytery on an OS map of 1951. The junction with Somerville Drive is just out of view past the house.
[internal reference; 9863:CLIC Found 2]
Joseph Street, St. Joseph's Church (Hunslet)
Black & White imagec1983. View looking along Joseph Street from the junction with Hunslet Road, showing the original St. Joseph's R.C. Church, surrounded by the old presbytery to the left and the convent on the right. This church was designed by architect John Child and built in 1860 at a cost of £1,600. At the time of the photo a new church had been built around the back leaving this one to be used as a church hall. Since then both the old and new churches have been demolished, along with the presbytery, but the convent building seen here remains.
[internal reference; 201351_174468:LEO 7113]
Joseph Street, St. Joseph's Church (Hunslet)
Black & White imagec1983. View of Joseph Street showing the old St. Joseph's R.C. Church in the centre, with the presbytery to the left and convent to the right. Part of St. Joseph's Primary School is further along on the right. The church, designed by John Child and built in 1960, had been replaced by a new one around the back by this time, and was being used as a church hall. Both old and new churches, along with the presbytery, have since been demolished and the site of the school expanded, but the convent remains.
[internal reference; 201351_174469:LEO 7114]
Kirkstall Abbey, Presbytery (Kirkstall)
Black & White image1947 View of the presbytery from the North-West. In the centre is the sedilia or seat for the clergy, under a round arch. To the left is the Piscina (drain) and on the right, the Aumbrey or recessed cupboard.
[internal reference; 2002129_19739932:D LIJKA Presbytery 1]
Kirkstall Abbey, presbytery (Kirkstall)
Black & White imageUndated. Photograph on glass plate showing the east front of the presbytery of Kirkstall Abbey church. The wall tops are flattened because of the capping stones used by the project architect J.T.Micklethwaite (1843-1906) to keep out the weather. The photograph must therefore date from after the conservation work in 1892-6 but before the former Ministry of Works' conservation in 1926.
[internal reference; 200333_45251101:Leeds Museums Ka99_p5339]