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Armley Moor, May Queen procession (Armley) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1950s. View shows children taking part in the Armley May Queen procession, seen outside Christ Church Upper Armley C 0f E Church situated on Armley Ridge Road. The May Queen, in the centre in the long dress, is Sandra Ford, born in 1950, daughter of Allen Ford of the Far Fold area of Armley.
[internal reference; 201286_173921:LEO 6883]
Armley Ridge Road, Whitsunday procession of witness (Armley) (2 comments)
Colour image1969. View of the Whitsunday procession of witness of the United Churches of Armley coming up Ridge Road towards Moor Top. Clergymen are at the front of the procession, Reverend Hutchins is in the middle. They are followed by a marching band, then children and the rest of the procession.
[internal reference; 2004428_89027042:LEO 253]
Bramley Carnival, procession (Bramley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows a decorated horse-drawn carriage taking part in the procession at Bramley Carnival, watched by crowds gathered along Town Street. The first official Bramley Carnival was held in 1892 but it may have dated back to around 1865 unofficially. It is believed to have originated from Friendly Society Walks which were an annual event in the 19th century. There were several Friendly Societies in the town and on one occasion in the mid 1800s it is said that two Society Walks met head on in Town Street, with the bands leading each parade trying to outplay each other. The event is remembered as the 'Bramley Clash' and is believed to be the forerunner of the Carnival.
[internal reference; 2011128_173019:Bramley Library, Bramley Carnival no.1]
Bramley Carnival, procession (Bramley)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows crowds lined along Town Street watching the Bramley Carnival procession go past. The street is decorated for the Carnival, a popular event in the town since it was first officially held in 1892. It took place regularly, with the exception of the war years, until around 1952, after which it was discontinued. The Carnival was revived in 1976 with one of its main aims being to bring the town together again after the upheavals of recent years, when most of Town Stret had been pulled down and a new shopping centre and new houses had been built.
[internal reference; 2011128_173020:Bramley Library, Bramley Carnival no.2]
Bramley Carnival, procession (Bramley)
Black & White imageUndated. View shows crowds lining the streets of Bramley to watch the Carnival procession go past. The parade is travelling along Elder Road by the junctions with Bramley Terrace (left) and Bramley Place. An unusual float in the foreground features a couple on a bed. Bramley Carnival was a regular event during the late 19th and early 20th centuries at which time this photo was taken. It continued till around 1952 after which, like in many other towns and villages, it was abandoned for some years until being resurrected in the 1970s. It has since become a regular event again, although it is now held biannually instead of annually.
[internal reference; 2011128_173021:Bramley Library, Bramley Carnival no.3]