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Location - Leeds & District

Adel Lane, 147-153, types of houses (Adel)
Black & White image10th January 1935. No's 147 to 153 Adel Lane, semi-detached houses, showing front gardens and tall trees.
[internal reference; 102:CLIB Adel 3]
Adel Lane, 175-191 (Adel)
Black & White image10th January 1935. Semi-detached houses, showing front gardens, telegraph pole, street lamp, garages to left of picture.
[internal reference; 121:CLIB Adel 4]
Belle Vue Avenue (Oakwood)
Black & White image18th February 1936. New semi-detatched houses just built. No house numbers and houses are unoccupied. No road, and no garden fences/perimeters.
[internal reference; 286:CLIB Belle 1]
Belle Vue Avenue (Oakwood)
Black & White imageUndated. Newly-built semi-detached houses, unoccupied. No road made up and no house numbers.
[internal reference; 287:CLIB Belle 2]
Belle Vue Avenue (Oakwood)
Black & White image14th November 1935. Newly-built, semi-detached houses on Belle Vue Avenue. Gardens and road unfinished. No house numbers.
[internal reference; 288:CLIB Belle 3]