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Location - Leeds & District

Kendal Lane, sewer pipe (Little Woodhouse)
Black & White image17th April 1951. Close-up of a broken sewer pipe on Kendal Lane.
[internal reference; 6370:CLIB Kendal 1]
King Lane (Moortown)
Black & White image9th January 1948. Showing exposed sewer pipes caused by subsidence on King Lane.
[internal reference; 6369:CLIB King 4]
Middleton sewer (Middleton)
Black & White image19th September 1949.View shows a crack running along a sewer pipe in Middleton.
[internal reference; 7244:CLIB Middleton 39]
Moortown Estate (Moortown)
Black & White imageUndated. Laying a section of sewer pipe in the trench below a road site (designated road 40)at Moortown estate. At the top of this view there is an excavator to the left of which can be seen several lengths of pipe ready for use. Workmen are going about various tasks and hand tools are scattered about the site.
[internal reference; 8910:CLIB Moor 32]
Moortown Estate (Moortown)
Black & White imageUndated. An excavator digging the trench for laying the sewer pipes along the road (designated road 40)on the new Moortown estate. There are sewer pipes ready for use to the left of the machine.
[internal reference; 8912:CLIB Moor 34]