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A Brook, Butcher (Burley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageThe picture shows the butcher Albert Brook at 295 Kirkstall Road between a shoe shop to the left and a confectionery store to the right, and located on the edge of the Cardigan Estate. The photo shows several people standing to the right of the butchers and a vehicle belonging to the butcher.
[internal reference; 201767_176144:LEO 8603]
Briggate, Old Pack Horse (City Centre)
Black & White image23rd December 1930. hops on Briggate looking towards Commercial Street. From right to left can be seen Timpson's shoe shop, Ye Olde Pack Horse, Barraclough and Sons Lts, jewellers, Commercial Street, Manfield shoe shop, Whitelocks.
[internal reference; 688:CLIB Briggate 7]
Kirkgate Market, entrance (City Centre)
Colour image22nd September 1999.The entrance of the newly refurbished front of Kirkgate Market. Stalls selling shoes to left and right.
[internal reference; 10096:MIL 4/34]
Kirkgate Market, shoe stall (City Centre)
Colour image18th November 1999. View of shoppers gathered around shoe stall in Leeds outdoor market. Shoes and boots can be seen stacked on stall.
[internal reference; 2002814_23604983:MIL54/11]
Kirkstall Rd, Stone Houses (Burley)
Black & White image14th May 1936. View of stone terrace of 2 houses with a horse shoe above each door. Can be compared with 423 as they show different stages of the Kirkstall Rd improvement area. There are trees in the gardens and washing on the line & doves or pigeons on the roof. The slope of the garden has been stepped with small stone walls.
[internal reference; 425:CLIB Kirk 17]