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Belle Isle Beck (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Black & White image18th August 1949. View shows Belle Isle Beck by Moor Road. Steps with metal railings sre visible. A wooden building is on the left. The beck flows into a tunnel covered by a grate and goes under Middleton tram tracks.
[internal reference; 6287:CLIB Hunslet 32]
Belle Vue Road, steps (Burley) (10 comments)
Black & White image1960 View of a flight of steps leading down from Belle Vue Road.
[internal reference; 2003717_68333072:DLIC Steps]
Belle Vue Road, view from the top of the 99 steps (Burley) (8 comments)
Black & White imageSeptember 1966. View from the top of the 99 steps in Belle Vue Road, over Burley Road and Kirkstall Road.
[internal reference; 2009323_168692:LEO 3822]
Boyle Hall, off Haigh Moor Road, original horse mounting steps. (West Ardsley) (1 comment)
Colour imageJuly 1971. Image shows the original horse mounting steps in the grounds of Boyle Hall off Haigh Moor Road. Boyle Hall was built by John and Hanna Boyle in 1799. The mounting steps have been used to display bedding plants and are in a circular rose bed. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007330_163193:WA 025]
Burley Road, from the 99 steps leading down from Belle Vue Road. (Burley) (11 comments)
Black & White imagec1970s. Looking towards Burley Road from the 99 steps leading down from Belle Vue Road, with Westfield Road in the middle. The large building in the centre seen from the back is Hamilton Ross & Co. Ltd, furniture makers, of 14 Burley Road; on the far side of Burley Road is lookers of Leeds, car dealers, of no. 27. In the foreground are derelict buildings on Westfield Road. Taken during the early 1970s.
[internal reference; 20061016_162118:LEO 1329]