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Albion Terrace (Hunslet)
Black & White image1st May 1936. Derelict premises backing on to Albion Terrace. Street lamp to right of picture.
[internal reference; 130:CLIB Albion 3]
Alwoodley Lane widening (Alwoodley)
Black & White image25th February 1938. Another view of excavations for widening of Alwoodley Lane. To right of picture can be seen a wooden shed, a street lamp, and a gravel mixer with chute. Some houses in the distance.
[internal reference; 149:CLIB Alwoodley 4]
Alwoodley Lane, retaining wall and culvert. (Alwoodley) (1 comment)
Black & White image3rd January 1939. Finished retaining wall and culvert on Alwoodley Lane widening. Street lamp and top of house in view above wall.
[internal reference; 150:CLIB Alwoodley 5]
Balm Road Improvement (Hunslet)
Black & White image19th September 1935.Alleyway off Balm Road showing slum dwellings with outhouses. In main view is a house with wooden bench outside & a street lamp. A small, wheeled cart is on the roof of one of the outhouses. To left of picture are stacked wooden barrels & crates.
[internal reference; 431:CLIB Balm 1]
Balm Road Improvement (Hunslet)
Black & White image19th September 1935.Balm Road area showing tram-lines in road. Street lamp on corner of Balm Road & Tate Place. A poster for the Regal cinema can be seen on end of wall of Tate Place.
[internal reference; 434:CLIB Balm 4]