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Greyhound Place, from the junction with Greyhound Terrace (Burmantofts) (8 comments)
Black & White image18th September 1935. In this view the building to the left houses York Road public swimming baths and the public library, addressed as number 114 York Road. The photographer is standing at the corner of Greyhound Terrace, bottom left, a short street running between Greyhound Place and Greyhound Street. Greyhound Place is the cobbled street in view. From the left, the first house fronts York Road and is numbered as 111 York Road. Next, the adjoining houses are numbered 1, 3 and 5, Greyhound Place. An 0S map for 1951 shows that by this date number 111 York Road and number 1 Greyhound Place had been demolished. These properties are back-to-back with number 109 York Road and the evens side of Wright street.
[internal reference; 9327:CLIC Grey 1]
International Pool, Westgate (City Centre)
Black & White imagec1970-73. View shows Leeds International Pool at Westgate. Designed by John Poulson, it opened on 23rd September 1967, featuring a 50 metre long pool. It closed in October 2007 and was replaced by a new Aquatics Centre at the John Charles Centre for Sport. The International Pool was subsequently demolished in 2009.
[internal reference; 2013218_174335:LEO 7056]
Leeds Central Baths, Architects drawing (City Centre)
Black & White image24th November 1939 Architects drawing showing improvements to Union Street baths possibly postponed due to outbreak of World War 2.
[internal reference; 2002513_20437258:C LIHB Leeds (1)]
York Road, junction with All Saints Terrace (York Road)
Black & White image7th November 1938. View of the south side of York Road showing the junction with All Saints Terrace on the right. Empty buildings next to this including Crosslands at no.106 and Amos Cooke, confectioner and photographic services at no.12 are due to be demolished as part of slum clearance of the area. On the left is the York Road Public Library and Swimming Baths building, still standing today (2009) and a listed building though in a poor state.
[internal reference; 20091124_169829:C LIB YORK 52]
York Road, Public Baths and Library (Richmond Hill) (17 comments)
Black & White imagec1938 View of the public swimming baths and library on York Road. Designed by architect H. Ascough Chapman, the building was opened in October 1904 and housed a 23 metre swimming pool with ladies, gents and Russian baths, as well as a free public library.
[internal reference; 2007127_165597:LEO 2466]