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Canal at Redcote, postcard view (Armley) (5 comments)
Black & White imagec1907/1908. Early postcard view showing a horse on the canal towpath as it pulls a barge with Redcote Bridge as a backdrop. This is where Redcote Lane crosses the Leeds and Liverpool canal. Smoke is coming from the chimneys of Redcote Farm, left. A man is leading the horse and two young boys are visible behind them.
[internal reference; 2010420_170603:LEO 4929]
Canal Towpath (City Centre)
Colour image1999 View shows two men who are jogging along the towpath of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The River Aire is visible on the left edge. In the background, a train runs along the railway line.
[internal reference; 2003109_34029788:Millennium album 39]
Leeds and Liverpool Canal, towpath (Rodley) (2 comments)
Black & White imagec.1970. Mrs Barbara Sedgwick and her son Kevin are seen walking along a snow-covered towpath beside the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Several barges can be seen on the canal, which appears to be covered with ice.
[internal reference; 2010624_170933:LEO 6061]
Sackville Street, Sheepscar Beck (Sheepscar)
Black & White image14th September 1949.A retaining wall under construction for Sheepscar Beck near Sackville Street. A pick axe, some ladders and rubble are on the towpath. Behind the wall the boom of a crane and a factory chimney are visible.
[internal reference; 7754:CLIB Sheep 43]
Wyther Lane, bridge (Kirkstall) (1 comment)
Black & White image14th August 1950. View of Wyther Bridge over the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. The canal and towpath are on the left, with Wyther Lane on the right. A boy with a fishing rod is on the bridge. On the other side are advertisements for Nicholson's Gin, Sam's Ales, Robertson's Jam, The Isle Of Man, New Zealand, mining careers, Dunlop and Old Charlie Rum.
[internal reference; 7419:CLIW Wyther 9]