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Junction Road (Hunslet)
Black & White image29th November 1934 Three storey brick house with sign. Back Kidacre Street, appears to be empty, area of cleared ground then back view of property which is brick with slate roof and three chimneys. To right, wooden structure and factory chimney. At this time, the council had declared that this was an unhealthy area.
[internal reference; 2002424_76690311:C LIC Jun (1)]
Middleston's Passage (Quarry Hill)
Black & White image1901. Image shows Middleston's Passage, a very narrow passage accessed by an archway between buildings on St. Peter's Street, background. The four dwellings with doorsteps are back-to-back with homes fronting St. Peter's Square. There is a gateway, left of centre, to a yard behind properties fronting Lady Lane. The other end of this long narrow passage backs on to Lady Beck. The area was condemned under the Local Government Provisional Orders (Housing of Working Classes) (no. 2) Bill.
[internal reference; 2007514_163533:LEO 1627]
Millwright Street, rear of cottages in (Mabgate)
Black & White image1901. View of the rear of old cottages in Millwright Street taken from Hope Road. These three dwellings were designed for demolition under the Local Government Provisional Orders (Housing of Working Classes (No.2) Bill. The archway leads from Mabgate Green, at this side, through to Millwright Street.
[internal reference; 2007514_163526:LEO 1624]
Public Baths, number 34 Hope Street, rear yard (Leylands)
Black & White image1901. View of the rear yard of the public baths at number 34 Hope Street. The turkish baths,(there were many throughout the country in the Victorian era), are thought to have opened in 1888 and closed in 1908. In 1899, according to Robinson's Leeds Directory, the proprietor was H. Rakusen. There is coal in the yard which would have been used to heat the baths. This area was due for demolition under the Local Government Provisional Orders (Housing of Working Classes) (no. 2) Bill. The view looks North-East.
[internal reference; 2007515_163545:LEO 1631]
South Terrace, nos. 1-3, rear view (Hunslet)
Black & White image3rd January 1936. View of the rear of South Terrace, seen from Hunslet Lane, showing derelict-looking houses with a large advertising hoarding for Oxo on the wall. However, the fronts of these houses, seen in Leodis image 857, appear to be well-maintained and occupied on the same date. They were listed in a 1927 trade directory as being apartments run by Mrs. Martha Stocks. Despite being in what was classed as an "unhealthy area", the buildings were still in place in 1962, before the site was taken over by Tetley's Brewery. A cobbled street is to the side of the houses.
[internal reference; 874:C LIB South 5]