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Baghill Green, Gypsy Caravan or Vardo (West Ardsley) (3 comments)
Colour imageAugust 1965. This gypsy caravan or vardo parked on Baghill Green belongs to Tommy Gaskin, a traveller camped at Lee Gap Fair. It is an example of a Bowtop Vardo which has a front door and rear window. An arched wooden frame supports the weather proofed canvas. Painted decoration has been added to the woodwork and there are gaily coloured curtains and a vase of flowers at the entrance. The Vardo was built by Bill Wright at his yard in Spibey Lane, Rothwell Haigh. Tommy Gaskin, the owner, also built and painted wagons. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 200744_163235:WA 076]
Baghill Green, Gypsy Caravans or Vardos. (West Ardsley)
Colour imageAugust 1965. View of five Gypsy Caravans or Vardos, as they were known, having arrived for Lee Gap Fair. This style of caravan is called 'the openlot' and came into use in the 1930s, adapted from the 'pot wagon'. It has a bow shaped canvas top and is built on to a cart. There is no door but the front has two pillars for support and proud of their Vardos and as seen here, often painted them with intricate patterns sometimes picked out in gold leaf. Note the cage bird hung in the doorway of the caravan on the left. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 200744_163234:WA 074]
Caravan encampment off Scott Hall Road (Unknown) (3 comments)
Black & White imageJanuary 1955. Image shows a caravan encampment on snowy ground off Scott Hall Road. Three old Romany caravans or Vardos can be seen and also a square tent with a protruding chimney. Two women are chatting in front of the tent and to the right two men shake hands as they stand in a group next to one of the horses. The photograph was taken during the 'big freeze' of 1955.
[internal reference; 20081230_168161:LEO 8490]
Dewsbury Road, Gypsy Caravan (West Ardsley)
Colour imageOctober 1965. This image was taken on Dewsbury Road near the Woodman Inn background, right. It shows a gypsy caravan been pulled by a horse. The caravan or Vardo has a bow top and a chimney and is painted in yellow, green and red. The gentleman behind the driver in the doorway is Derek Grayshon and the driver is Jimmy Lee (Boston) from Morley. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 200745_163241:WA 082]
Gypsy caravan or Vardo on Meanwood Road (Meanwood) (2 comments)
Colour image1993. View of a gypsy caravan or vardo on Meanwood Road. Many gypsy families lived in the area known as Gypsyville. In view are members of the Hunter family.
[internal reference; 201084_171034:LEO 6241]