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Location - Leeds & District

The Village, view of the village Pump and Telephone Box (Thorp Arch)
Black & White image12th October 1938 View of The Village ( the main street) Showing the village pump located adjacent to a B.T. telephone box opposite the entrance to Pear Tree Acre. This pump, set into a recess in the wall, was once the main source of water for Thorp Arch. It was eventually condemned as a drinking water supply and after 1945 it was made available for fire fighting until it was finally removed in the 1960s.
[internal reference; 20041110_29876345:Wetherby Collection Vol 14 Y914.281 Wet/30]
Village Pump (Clifford) (2 comments)
Black & White image23rd May 1908 A group of children in Edwardian dress stand beside the village pump which was situated close to the site of the War Memorial, close to the junctions of Willow Lane, Bramham Road and the High street. The War Memorial was erected in 1921 and the village pump was removed in 1936. The Green Dragon Inn can be seen in the background, right, in Willow Lane. It was no longer in existance by 1912.
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