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Bentcliffe Avenue (Moortown) (5 comments)
Black & White image17th February 1954. View looking west along Bentcliffe Avenue showing houses under construction. Workmen, vans, building materials, scaffolding and a cement mixer can be seen on the right on the unsurfaced road. A bicycle leans against a wall on the left and streetlamps are visible.
[internal reference; 8226:CLIC Bent 7]
Black Bull Yard Experimental Sewer (City Centre)
Black & White imageApril 1903. Looking along length of experimental sewer. Workman at top end.
[internal reference; 379:CLIB Black 11]
Bridge End, Leeds Bridge (City Centre) (3 comments)
Black & White image17th October 1945. Looking east at Leeds Bridge during repainting work. A boat with a ladder propped against the bridge is on the right. On the left, a man dangles on a hook ladder whilst painting. Warehouses and factories are on each side of the river.
[internal reference; 7282:CLIW Leeds 24]
Brown Lane Sewer (Holbeck)
Black & White image1st March 1904. Partially built bridge near Brown Lane. Workman to right of photo.
[internal reference; 384:CLIB Brown 6]
Brown Lane Sewer (Holbeck)
Black & White image1st March 1904. Bridge over beck under construction.
[internal reference; 389:CLIB Brown 8]