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Abbey Road (Kirkstall)
Black & White image24th September 1923 Looking at portion of road bounded by land owned by William H. Kitson. Two workmen stand with pick and cable behind boundary wall, which is dilapidated stonework. Cobbled road with tramlines. Standard poles which support overhead cables for tram system can be seen.
[internal reference; 200244_66427249:C LIC Abbey (16)]
Air Raid Shelter (Harehills) (1 comment)
Black & White image12th November 1938. At Stanley Road Refuse Destructor, air raid shelter under construction. Shows roof joists (at ground level). Workmen with spades are on site. The area has a high brick wall at the back with a large wooden gate.
[internal reference; 573:CLIB Stan 19]
Air Raid Shelter (Harehills)
Black & White image12th November 1938. Air Raid shelter under construction at Stanley Road Refuse Destructor. Three workmen with tools and wheelbarrow can be seen. A shed in the back ground. Also in background is Refuse Destructor.
[internal reference; 575:CLIB Stan 21]
Armley Ridge Road, outlet sewer site. (Armley)
Black & White image6th April 1939. Building site for outlet sewer for estate off Armley Ridge Road. Steep hill in the background. In the foreground are two workmen who are stood near machinery, possibly for transporting sand and gravel etc. Surrounding the site are large piles of wooden planks. Large puddle at front of photo.
[internal reference; 2234:CLIB Armley]
Beck at Smithy Mills (Adel)
Black & White image6th January 1939. Work on diversion of beck at Smithy Mills showing suspension of water mains. Workmen can be seen on site.
[internal reference; 1760:CLIB Smithy 13]