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Aerial View north of Wetherby showing Kirk Deighton. (Wetherby)
Colour image1988. Aerial view north of Wetherby showing Kirk Deighton at the left edge. The spire of All Saints Church is visible. The edge of Wetherby is seen at the bottom. Deighton/Wetherby Road leaves Wetherby and runs through the middle of Kirk Deighton. To the right is Wetherby By-Pass, the A.1.
[internal reference; 2006825_161847:WE 531767]
Aerial view north of Wetherby to Kirk Deighton (Wetherby)
Colour image1988. Aerial view looking north of Wetherby to Kirk deighton. The Wetherby By-Pass (A.1.) can be seen right. The edge of the town of Wetherby runs across the bottom. Coming in from the left is Ashdale Lane and from the right, Deighton/Wetherby Road which passes through Kirk Deighton, centre. The spire of All Saints Church is visible in Kirk Deighton.
[internal reference; 2006825_161846:WE 531766]
All Saints Church (Thorp Arch)
Black & White image26th May 1908 View of old relics grouped together at the west end of the churchyard. On the left is an octagonal bowl of 17.5cm in depth. Next to it is an octagonal pillar. These were found buried upside down in the churchyard and are thought to be the font presented to All Saints church by the mother of Revd. Christopher Atkinson in 1756. In the centre is another old font with 13 irregular sides. It is 60cm in height and approx. 30cm deep inside. It is likely to be the font mentioned in a description of a small vestry at the north-east end of the church in an account written c. 1841. Finally, on the right, there are two old stone coffins, one dug up in 1820 on the north side of the chuch and the other discovered in 1906. They are of medieval origin.
[internal reference; 20041110_24116152:Wetherby Collection Vol 14 Y914.281 Wet/22]
All Saints Church (Thorp Arch) (1 comment)
Black & White image1903 This strange little headless figure is set in the inner east wall of the porch of All Saints Church. The date is uncertain but thought to be post-Norman. It measures approx. 68cm X 43cm.
[internal reference; 20041110_45336550:Wetherby Collection Vol 14 Y914.281 Wet/21]
All Saints Church (Thorp Arch)
Black & White image14th October 1914 The image shows the vault of the Gossip family licenced to William Gossip on 17th May 1754. The vault under the north aisle of All Saints Church, occupies a small space approx 7.5 metres x 3.5 metres. The vault has the following inscription 'Sibi et Suisque V.P. Will Gossip A.D.1754'. Above it read 'Here the Wearied be at Rest'. William Gossip was Lord of the Manor of Thorp Arch. He died on 25th March 1772 aged 68. Of his eleven children only three sons survived him.
[internal reference; 20041110_68270511:Wetherby Collection Vol 14 Y914.281 Wet/27]