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Location - Leeds & District

Allerton Grange Crescent (Moortown)
Black & White image23rd August 1954. Looking down Allerton Grange Crescent towards Allerton Grange Vale. Roads are unmade.
[internal reference; 3670:CLIB Allerton 17]
Allerton Grange Crescent (Moortown)
Black & White image9th November 1953. Showing semi-detached houses on Allerton Grange Crescent. The road is unmade with large piles of earth on the left-hand side.
[internal reference; 8418:CLIC Aller 22]
Allerton Grange Crescent (Moortown)
Black & White image9th November 1953. View down the still unsurfaced Allerton Grange Crescent, with the recently built semi-detached, brick built houses on the right. Piles of earth are heaped in front of the garden walls. More houses are visible in the distance.
[internal reference; 8571:CLIC Aller 23]
Allerton Grange Estate, general view (Moortown)
Black & White image26th August 1948. ooking North towards Allerton Grange Estate. Gledhow Valley Road is in the foreground, and Allerton Grange Way leads off to the right.
[internal reference; 3628:CLIB Allerton 12]
Allerton Grange Farm, Lidgett Lane (Moortown) (3 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. This view shows cattle at Allerton Grange Farm off Lidgett Lane. The Pollard family would have been the farmers at the time. The farm has since been demolished and is now the site of houses, roughly where Larkhill Green and Larkhill Road are situated.
[internal reference; 2003109_3275698:KP26]