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Location - Leeds & District

Aerial View looking South-West (City Centre) (2 comments)
Colour image5th October 1999. View shows junction for roads leading out of town to Kirkstall and Armley at bottom. In the far distance but in front of the church is the castle-like structure of H.M. Prison, Armley, built by the Victorians. On the right of the photograph, Westgate Point office block can be seen.
[internal reference; 200325_20911807:MIL/37/2]
Aerial view of Armley Gaol (Armley) (18 comments)
Black & White image1937 Aerial view of Armley Gaol, built as Leeds Borough Gaol and completed in July 1847 at a cost of £43,000. The buildings were designed by architects Perkin and Backhouse. The road from top to bottom across the centre is Hall Lane and New Wortley Cemetery is at the left edge from the middle to the top. The prison is surrounded by a high wall and wihin the boundaries there is an exercise yard. Inmates can be seen walking the circular paths. The rows of terraced houses, bottom left, are Hawthorn Place and Hawthorn Terrace. Behind the prison Winchester Road runs from the junction with Hall Lane.
[internal reference; 2007731_164348:N LIHQ ARMLEY (5)]
Armley Gaol, bricked up tunnel in the prison boundary wall. (Armley) (15 comments)
Black & White imageDecember 2002. Image of Armley Gaol clearly showing the bricked - up tunnel in the prison boundary wall. This is where, on 10th September 1864, Joseph Myers and James Sargisson would have emerged onto the Gaol Field to view the light of day for the last time. This was the first and only public execution to take place at Armley Gaol and it was reported in the Leeds Mercury as 'a sad and horrible picture of humanity.' This referring to the crowds of between 80,000 and 100,000 spectators who had turned out to witness the hangings. The original prison gate, now no longer used, is in the background.
[internal reference; 2008423_166600:LEO 2899]
Armley Gaol, postcard (Armley) (2 comments)
Black & White imagec1910. Postcard view of Armley Gaol with a postmark of 24th July 1910. Designed by architects Perkins and Backhouse, the prison was opened in 1847 and cost £43,000 for the buildings and the land.
[internal reference; 201167_172201:Artemis Pack 40 (Armley) no.12]
Armley Jail, (Armley) (4 comments)
Colour image9 November 1999 View looking towards Armley Prison, with the 'Holdforths' to the left.
[internal reference; 200294_39068240:MIL 77/25A]