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Location - Leeds & District

Arthington Road (Eccup)
Black & White image15th August 1950. View of a milestone at the junction with Eccup Lane and Arthington Road. The square stone is set to the side of the road. In the background are fields. The stone has a hand with finger pointing left to Headingley and a hand points right to Eccup and Harewood.
[internal reference; 3051:CLID Arth 2]
Arthington Road (Eccup)
Black & White image15th August 1946. View of a small square-cut stone milestone. A hand points to right for Leeds and Harewood Bridge. Bramhope is indicated on right facing side. The milestone stands in front of a low stone wall.
[internal reference; 3050:CLID Arth 1]
Arthington Road, field (Eccup) (2 comments)
Black & White image8th December 1938. Field off Arthington Road with derelict tramcar in the middle.
[internal reference; 1012:CLIB Eccup 1]
Arthington Road, field (Eccup)
Black & White image8th December 1938. ield of Arthington Road, with derelict tramcar and rubbish lying around.
[internal reference; 1013:CLIB Eccup 2]