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Location - Leeds & District

Back Burley Street nos. 2, 4, Burley Street (Burley) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated, Photo taken in the late 1950s, on the left is number 4 Back Burley Street, then 2 where a child is on the step. The small corner shop is partly on Burley Street which runs left to right in the foreground. The other side of the shop is on Park Lane, number 209. It is a newsagents, business of F Brooke. Large posters advertise Ilford Films and Woodbine Cigarettes. Cinema posters include one for a showing of 'Fort Yuma' released in 1955. Also 'Interpol' starring Victor Mature.
[internal reference; 2003424_82587833:WYAS Kirkstall Road East. Box No 60/2. No 104]
Burley Street, junction with Back Burley Street (Burley)
Black & White image4th May 1928 Street of brick dwellings, varying in size, and number of floors. The end wall has advertisement for 'Compo' washing powder. There is washing hanging across the street. Two women with pram and baby stand beneath it. Other posters are for newspapers, Sunday Dispatch, Daily Mail and 'John Bull' magazine.
[internal reference; 200244_24027651:C LIC Burley (17)]
Burley Street, junction with Back Burley Street (Burley) (1 comment)
Black & White image2nd May 1928 Three storey brick properties, shop on corner with window on Back Burley Street, which can be seen on the right. Shop belongs to T. Singleton, leather merchant and is selling a variety of leather goods.
[internal reference; 200244_80395145:C LIC Burley (14)]
Burley Street, Park Lane (Burley) (6 comments)
Black & White image15th October 1951. Low level view, looking east down Burley Street towards Park Lane. Back Burley Street is on the left. On the right is number 9, The Rutland Hotel, with shops at numbers 1 to 7 beyond. A car is parked near the end. In the bottom left is a drain with a ruler propped in it.
[internal reference; 8088:CLIC Burley 30]
Park Lane (City Centre) (2 comments)
Black & White image18th February 1955. Picture shows rear view of 231-233 Park Lane, called Back Burley Street. End house is derelict and the ground floor windows are boarded up. House to the right of the picture is inhabited and has net curtains up at the windows. A ginger tom is sat on the window ledge. A street lamp is visible in the foreground. There is also snow on the ground.
[internal reference; 4849:CLIC Park 91]