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Location - Leeds & District

Back Elford Place, looking east from the direction of Roundhay Road (Harehills) (3 comments)
Black & White imagec1976-81. Image shows the backs of terraced housing in Back Elford Place, looking east from the direction of Roundhay Road. The properties have back yards, and what would have been, outside toilets. The fronts of those houses on the left open onto Elford Place which is next to St. Aidan's Church and the south side of Banstead Park. The homes on the right front Elford Grove. This area is known as the Harehills Triangle and is situated between Roundhay Road and Harehills Road.
[internal reference; 201287_173953:LEO 6913]
Back Elford Place, looking east in the direction of Harehills Road (Harehills)
Black & White imagec1976-81. View shows Back Elford Place, looking east towards Harehills Road. This is the back of terraced homes that front Elford Place, left, and Elford Grove, right. The properties have small back yards and most have outbuildings, some of them used for coal but they may have originally been outside toilets. The street is one of several running parallel with the south side of Banstead Park. In the background, left, part of Harehills County Secondary School is visible, located in Harehills Road. This was originally Gipton Board School when it opened in 1897. Later it became known as Harehills County Secondary School and Harehills Middle School under the 3-tier education system of the 1970s. Back Elford Place is situated in the 'Harehills Triangle' an area between Harehills Road and Roundhay Road.
[internal reference; 201287_173962:LEO 6922]
Roundhay Road, No.170 (Harehills) (5 comments)
Black & White image9th April 1980 Wholesale clothing warehouse at No.170 Roundhay Road. The front is boarded up and there are advertising hoardings on the upper floor. St. Aidan's Church is on the left with Elford Place leading off. On the right is Back Elford Place.
[internal reference; 2005119_82688541:S LIP HAREHILLS 343]