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Location - Leeds & District

Ashley Place, Beeston Road (Beeston) (1 comment)
Black & White image15th March 1910 Junction of Ashley Place and Beeston Road, surveyor with measuring rod, next to gas lamp. Number 82 was premises of H. Ibbotson, watch maker and jeweller. Number 3 Ashley Place, Chas Holdsworth, cycle dealer and repairer. Tram lines in road.
[internal reference; 2002326_70179385:C LIC Ashley (1)]
Back of 122 Beeston Road, number 122a (Beeston) (1 comment)
Black & White image6th July 1964, View of the access to the house number 122a, Beeston Road. Number 122 looks out on to Beeston Road while 122a is situated round the back. There are three uneven steps to a raised area, then a further four steps to the door. There are also 4 steps down to the cellars and edged flowerbeds surround the house.
[internal reference; 2003313_58147830:WYAS Algeria Street. Box 4/2. No 24]
Back South Mount Terrace (Beeston)
Black & White image9th July 1964, Rear view of house which fronts on to Beeston Road. This house has two occupants at number 94 and 94a. A basket chair is placed in the street indicating good weather for sitting out. A gas street lamp stands on the pavement to the right.
[internal reference; 2003313_25947207:WYAS Algeria Street. Box 4/2. No 88]
Back South Mount Terrace no 8 (Beeston)
Black & White image10th July 1964, Rear view of house which fronts onto Beeston Road. It is numbered differently, the address being 98 Beeston Road. It has a yard enclosed by brick walling and wooden gates.
[internal reference; 2003314_58814639:WYAS Algeria Street. Box 4/2. No 91]
Backs of houses fronting on to Beeston Road, nos. 118 and 120 (Beeston) (1 comment)
Black & White image6th July 1964, View of the backs of terraced housing. The front doors can be accessed on Beeston Road. No 118 on the left does not have a back door but is through by light. No 120 has 5 steps up to the door and 3 steps down below street level to the cellars. Both houses have attics also. In the garden just seen is an old mangle and a galvanised bath, left of centre.
[internal reference; 2003313_28231448:WYAS Algeria Street. Box 4/2. No 22]