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Calverley Old Hall, Calverley (Calverley)
Colour image2000/2001. Image shows Calverley Old Hall in Woodhall Road, once the seat of the Calverley family and now a Grade 1 listed building. Jutting out to the left is the chapel wing dating from about 1488. The Great Hall on the right is thought to date from around 1485. The solar in the centre was originally a timber structure but was clad in stone around 1630. Landmark Trust acquired Calverley Old Hall in 1981 and have since made repairs to the ancient building, including the chapel, the hammer-beam hall roof and one of the wings, the North House. This wing has been renovated as accommodation and is let all year round to visitors.
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Calverley Old Hall, former seat of the Calverley family from a watercolour by Fred Swaine (Calverley)
Colour imageUndated. Watercolour painting by Fred Swaine (1858 - 1942) depicting Calverley Old Hall, the former seat of the Calverley family. The building is now grade 1 listed as it is an important example of a medieval manor house. A man and a woman are visible standing at the garden gates as, at the time the artist painted the Old Hall, it was divided into seven dwellings. Since 1981 the house was taken over by Landmark Trust and is now used for holiday rentals. Copyright Fred Swaine.
[internal reference; 200821_165972:LEO 2695]
Calverley Old Hall, south side from a watercolour by Fred Swaine (Calverley)
Colour imageUndated. Watercolour by Fred Swaine depicting the south side of Calverley Old Hall. Fred Swaine was a resident of Calverley (1858 - 1942) who worked as a loom tuner but developed a reputation locally as an artist. His subject matter was local scenes and landmarks and these have proved a valuable insight into old village life. Many of the paintings and sketches were photographed by George Harper in 1965 and a box of his slides was presented to the Vicar of Calverley and the Calverley St. Wilfrid's Parochial Council in 1972. Most of the Fred Swaine images of Calverley on the Leodis website are part of this collection. Calverley Old Hall is grade 1 listed and part of it dates back to the 14th century. The Calverley family lived until their move to Esholt in 1709. In the late 18th and the 19th century the hall was divided into seven dwellings and these are listed on the 1881 Census. This would have been the case at the time of this painting. The Landmark Trust now look after the building and rent it out for short stays. Copyright Fred Swaine.
[internal reference; 200821_165973:LEO 2696]
Calverley Old Hall, Woodhall Road (Calverley)
Black & White image1905. Image shows Calverley Old Hall, the seat of the Calverley family and a grade I listed building. The Chapel wing on the left dates back to before 1488 (mentioned in the will of this date of William Calverley). The Great Hall, on the right, dates from about 1485. The Solar, centre building, is timber framed, encased in stone in about 1630. Internally, there are many medieval used timbers. The porch over the front door was added in the late 19th Century. The gable of the Chamber Block is visible at the rear of The Solar which was built in 1550. One of the Upper Chambers here is said to be the scene of the notorious 'Calverley Murders' in 1605. A young Walter Calverley killed two of his infant sons and attempted to murder his wife. He refused to commit himself to trial and was executed by being pressed with stones. The truth of Walter Calverley's state of mind and motives have been distorted by the various London Pampheteers of the day and two plays were written and performed. The family moved from Calverley Old Hall when Sir Walter Calverley (1670-1749) built Esholt Hall in 1707. The Calverley residence was eventually split into smaller units. It was acquired by the Landmark Trust in 1981 and has been much altered and restored. Rooms in the north wing have been refurbished as holiday lettings.
[internal reference; 2005420_52766055:CA 78]
Calverley Old Hall, Woodhall Road (west side) (Calverley)
Black & White imageUndated View of Calverley Old Hall, once the seat of the Calverley family and dating from C 1400. It was enlarged and extended over the centuries. The Great Hall, right, replace an earlier, narrower structure in 1485. The Chapel left, was also built at this time. The Calverley family moved from here in the 18th century and the building became occupied by weavers and farmers.
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