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Albion Place, Newcastle Building Society (City Centre)
Colour image29th May 2000. View shows the Newcastle Building Society situated at no. 2 Albion Place.
[internal reference; 2013924_174590:29/05/2000]
Carlton Street, Windsor Castle Public House (Woodhouse) (4 comments)
Black & White image12th November 1964, The Windsor Castle Public House, situated almost opposite Carlton Barracks. It was a Tetley House. Lofthouse Place is on the right.
[internal reference; 2003319_22036379:WYAS Carlton Street. Box No 29. No 91]
Carlton Street, Windsor Castle Public House (Woodhouse) (2 comments)
Black & White image12th November 1964, View of the Windsor Castle public house on Carlton Street. It was a Tetley's House.
[internal reference; 2003320_79179019:WYAS Carlton Street. Box No 29. No 100]
Castle Garth House, British and Foreign Bible Society Fete (Wetherby)
Black & White imageUndated View of Castle Garth House located near the River Wharfe and to the west of the Market Place. A summer fete is taking place organised by the local branch of the British and Foreign Bible Society. This was a voluntary society founded in the 18th Century supported by the Church of England and the Free Churches. It has been committed to the publishing of hundreds of thousands of volumes of the Bible in over 800 languages. its income in the United Kingdom depended on the support of fundraising activities of the Auxiliary Bible Societies such as this one. Doctor James A. Hargreaves is the gentleman on the right.
[internal reference; 20041013_43873233:LEO/WBY_0133]
Castle Garth House, St John's A. R. P. in training (Wetherby)
Black & White image1938 Members of St.John's A.R.P. take part in a training exercise using gas masks in the grounds of Castle Garth House.
[internal reference; 20041019_33100527:LEO/WBY-0248]