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Beech Grove, Victory Party (Garforth)
Black & White image21st September 1945. View shows residents of the Beech Grove area celebrating the end of the Second World War with a party, possibly on Beech Grove Terrace.
[internal reference; 201046_170527:GARFORTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY PPL3]
Bonfire in Celebration of the Coronation of King George V (Yeadon)
Black & White image22nd June 1911. Image shows a huge bonfire built for the celebrations held to mark the coronation of King George V, on the 22nd June 1911. The bonfire was constructed in a field just below the Peacock Inn in Harrogate Road. The view looks south towards Rawdon, and Larkfield Mills on Canada Road can be seen on the right. On the left, Billing Hill is visible, known locally as 'The Billing'. Behind the bonfire the stone wall, cutting across the picture horizontally, follows the line of Harrogate Road where the telegraph pole is standing (right).
[internal reference; 2013430_174449:LEO 7198]
Briggate, celebrating end of Boer War (City Centre)
Black & White imageJune 1902. View of Briggate showing crowds out on the street to celebrate the end of the Boer War. This momentous occasion saw the first appearance of an illuminated tramcar in Leeds, which was being prepared for the Coronation of Edward VII but was brought out early. Lockhart's Cocoa Rooms are on the right, while in the centre the first stage of the building of the Grand Central Hotel can be seen; this was extended upwards from the old Bull and Mouth Hotel and would eventually also include the building to the left of the tall central one. It was completed by 1904.
[internal reference; 2012227_173287:LEO 6511]
Chapel Street, wedding celebrations of Lord Halifax (Halton)
Black & White image21st September 1909. View of Chapel Lane with Pinfold square to the left and looking towards Pinfold Lane on the right. A decorative arch has been erected to celebrate the wedding of Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, later Lord Halifax, to Lady Dorothy Onslow, with pictures of the couple on either side. The bridegroom owned Temple Newsam at the time, having inherited it from his aunt, Mrs Meynell Ingram, in 1904. He later sold it to Leeds Corporation in 1922. Lord Halifax (1881-1959) became a noted Conservative politician, serving as Viceroy of India (1926-1931) and Foreign Secretary (1938-40).
[internal reference; 200918_168200:S LIC CHAP (HALT) 3]
City Square, Tercentenary Celebration (City Centre)
Black & White image1926. View of City Square decorated for the Leeds Tercentenary Celebrations. Statue of mounted Black Prince is in the centre. Edward, the Black Prince was the eldest son of Edward III, born in 1330. He reputedly wore black armour and fought at Crecy and Poitiers. He died in 1376. This statue was sculpted by Thomas Brock and unveiled in 1903.
[internal reference; 200266_38792056:HO 389]