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Location - Leeds & District

Chapel Allerton Hospital, aerial view (Chapel Allerton) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view centred on Chapel Allerton Hospital, situated on both sides of Harehills Lane which runs down from towards the top left to the bottom centre. At the top left is the junction of Harehills Lane with, clockwise from left, Chapeltown Road, Potternewton Lane, Harrogate Road, King George Avenue and Gledhow Park Drive. On the bottom to the left of Harehills Lane is Newton Road and to the right Roxholme Grove. Gledhow Park Avenue is seen on the far right.
[internal reference; 2008522_166775:S LIB CHAP 2]
Chapel Allerton Hospital, military hospital (Chapel Allerton) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Chapel Allerton Hospital showing some of the wards that were part of the military hospital during and after the second world war. The hospital had been originally established in the First World War, run by the Ministry of Pensions to care for the many limbless service personnel who returned from the trenches. It was initially based in the stately mansion of Gledhow Grange but expanded over the years. A new wing called Newton Green was established on a site on the opposite side of Harehills Lane in the 1970s; in the 1990s a new Chapel Allerton Hospital was built alongside this, while the old site was sold off for housing.
[internal reference; 2012228_173318:LEO 6542]
Chapel Allerton Hospital, Newton Green (Chapeltown) (4 comments)
Colour image2003 This hospital site is opposite the original Chapel Allerton Hospital (Gledhow Grove site) and was known as Newton Green until this new hospital opened on 22nd July 1994.
[internal reference; 2004113_20307558:Community Photographs (Pack 9) no. 37]
Chapel Allerton Hospital, Newton Green (Chapeltown)
Colour image2003 This view of Chapel Allerton Hospital shows the main building and car park. This hospital was opened by the Duchess of Kent on 22nd July 1994. Services had been transferred here from the nearby Chapel Allerton hospital (built on the Gledhow Grove site), which was sold for housing development.
[internal reference; 2004113_56823367:Community Photographs (Pack 9) no. 36]
Gledhow Grove (Chapel Allerton)
Black & White image24th May 1950. Built in the 1830s, architect John Clark, in Greek Revival style with Ionic Portico. Owner John Hives. Was used to provide medical facilities in First World War, became part of Chapel Allerton Hospital.
[internal reference; 2002325_44428652:C LIE Gled (7)]