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Location - Leeds & District

Church of St. Mary the Virgin (Boston Spa)
Black & White imageUndated. The Church of St. Mary the Virgin looking across fields from the direction of the River Wharfe. Properties on the High Street can be seen in the background.
[internal reference; 2006310_160883:Frith/Box1/B156/BNA46]
Church of St. Mary the Virgin, High Street (Boston Spa)
Black & White image1893. Late nineteenth century view of the Parish Church, St. Mary the Virgin located close to the High Street. It was consecrated on 26th December, 1812. It was enlarged to provide 200 free sittings in 1851 by the architect, Atkinson of York. The Church again underwent reconstruction between 1872 and 1877 when the nave was re-built, and there was the addition of a new chancel, south trancept and clerestory at a cost of £5,000. There were later additions to the stained glass east window of 1884. At the time this photograph was taken the Church could accommodate a congregation of 600.
[internal reference; 2006313_160914:Frith/Box1/B156/26]
Church of St. Mary the Virgin, interior view looking east. (Boston Spa)
Black & White image1895. Interior view of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin situated in the High Street. it dates from 1812 although it has been much altered over the years. After reconstruction and additions between 1877 and 1882 it was able to accommodate a congregation of 600. The stained glass East window seen here was erected in 1884 in memory of Mr. L.W. Wickham by his 2,3000 workers at Low Moor Iron Works.
[internal reference; 2006310_160893:Frith/Box1/B156/27]
Town Street, St. Mary's Church (Beeston) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. View of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin on the west side of Town Street, next to the junction with Wesley Place. An earlier structure is thought to date from about 1088. The present Church is built in the Early Decorated Style and has been enlarged and restored at various periods, including when it was severely damaged by fire in 1856.
[internal reference; 2005519_97820682:LEO 637]