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Location - Leeds & District

Clover Greaves Mill Dam, Carr Road, from a watercolour by Fred Swaine (Calverley)
Colour imageUndated. Watercolour sketch by local man Fred Swaine (1858-1942) depicting the dam at Clover Greaves Mill, Carr Road. The mill dates from 1838 and was originally in the ownership of Kellett Brown & Co. Ltd who leased it to various firms. Grimshaw Brothers Ltd. manufactured tweeds, whipcords and Bedford Cords here, and during the war the mill supplied Khaki and airforce cloth. A fierce fire on 24th September 1909 caused £20,000 worth of damage. The mill was re-built and remained in operation until 1970. The mill chimney was demolished on 1st August 1970. A small housing estate was erected on the cleared site. Copyright Fred Swaine.
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Clover Greaves Mill showing aftermath of fire (Calverley) (1 comment)
Black & White image1909. Three firemen pose for the camera among the debris in the aftermath of an extensive fire at Clover Greaves Mill on 24th September 1909. Damage was estimated at £20,000 as the blaze had taken well hold of the grease soaked building. It was the first of the woollen mills in Calverley Village when it opened in 1834. The firm moved into another mill at Bramley and workers were driven by horse charanbancs supplied by Kirk's. Clover Greaves Mill was demolished in 1971 and a new estate, off Carr Road opposite Calverley Cutting was built on the site.
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