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Beck Bottom Cottages (Farsley) (4 comments)
Colour image2001. Image shows the stone built Beck Bottom Cottages owned by Cape Mills. The cottages are numbered 6, left, and 4 right. Number 2 is set further back at the rear corner of number 4. The view is in the direction of Coal Hill Lane.
[internal reference; 20081210_168036:LEO 3589]
Broom Mills from Coal Hill Lane (Farsley)
Colour image2001. View from the direction of Coal Hill Lane showing Broom Mills, a woollen mill acquired by Reuben Gaunt in 1886. The site has since been developed for residential use and some of the premises have been preserved and converted.
[internal reference; 20081210_168035:LEO 3588]
Broom Mills, building work in progress (Farsley)
Colour image2001. Image shows the start of bulding work at Broom Mills on the site of the former car park. Some demolition has taken place and semi-detached homes in Springbank Close are visible in the background. This is a residential development incorporating some existing mill buildings and new build. Broom Mills, a woollen mill, had been in the ownershp of the Gaunt family since 1886, and is located at Farsley Beck Bottom off Coal Hill Lane.
[internal reference; 20081210_168042:LEO 3595]
Broom Mills, building work in progress (Farsley)
Colour image2001. Image shows building work in progress at Broom Mills in Farsley Beck Bottom, situated off Coal Hill Lane. This is to be a new residential development and will include the conversion of existing stone-built mill buildings. Some buildings have been demolished in the background and semi-detached houses in Springbank Close are visible. Broom Woollen Mills had been in the Gaunt family since 1886.
[internal reference; 20081210_168043:LEO 3596a]
Broom Mills, car park (Farsley)
Colour image2001. View of the car park at Broom Mills, off Coal Hill Lane in Farsley Beck Bottom. A row of terraced houses once stood on the site, numbered 7 to 15 Wood Square. The car park has since been built on as part of a new residential development, including the conversion of existing mill buildings.
[internal reference; 20081210_168037:LEO 3590]