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Burton House, a playground game of hopscotch (Hunslet)
Black & White image1957. View of female pupils of various ages at play in the playground of Burton House in Burton Avenue. The girls in the foreground are enjoying a game of hopscotch on a grid marked out on the surface of the playground. Behind the playground wall is the odd-numbered side of Dobson View (off Burton Avenue), a street of red brick back-to-back terrace homes. These are back-to-back with the even-numbered side of Dobson Terrace. The view also looks across Burton Avenue, and the grounds of Cockburn High School, to Back Fairford Place, background left. Burton House was originally a private residence, built in 1791. It was acquired by the council in 1919 and converted to an annex for Hunslet Moor Council School. Later, it was used as premises of the sixth form at Cockburn High School. It became vacant when pupils of Cockburn High School transferred premises to a new school in Gipsy Lane and Bellway Homes renovated the building and converted it to ten apartments in 1986.
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Burton Road (Hunslet) (13 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Burton Road from the Dewsbury Road end. The railings on the left belong to Cockburn High School and the next junction is Fairford Avenue. A woman stands in the doorway of number 3 Burton Road, a confectioner's displaying advertising for Rowntree's and Cadbury's can be seen. This may have been Miss Catherine Thompson the proprietor here in 1923. Two children stand outside the shop at the corner of Burton Terrace number 4 Burton Road, Robert Arundel's.
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Cockburn High School, 6th Form Class (Beeston) (8 comments)
Black & White imagec1912-13. View showing a class of 6th form pupils sitting at desks with books in front of them. Both boys and girls can be seen together, a very rare sight in those days. Cockburn High School was unusual for the time in being a mixed school, but even so there would normally have been a strict policy of segregation between the sexes. We are told that on this occasion apparently the boys' classroom was unavailable so they had to share with the girls, though they are all grouped together at the back. Note also the solitary book cabinet at the back and portraits hung around the walls.
[internal reference; 2010119_170062:LEO 4784]
Cockburn High School, Burton Road (Beeston) (161 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Cockburn High School in Burton Road. It was named after Sir George Cockburn, a former Chairman of Leeds School Board and an educationalist. The school opened on 17th July 1902.
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Cockburn High School, class 2A (Beeston) (3 comments)
Black & White image1933. School photograph showing the girls of class 2A at Cockburn High School in 1933. Their teacher, not pictured, was Miss Ebbage. The image was sent in by Mrs F. Jones, nee Baldwin, who recalls some of the teachers at the time as being Mr Norden (Headmaster), Mr Parker (Deputy Head), Miss Bartle (French and English), Miss Anson (Geography), Miss Hartley (Cookery), Miss Lancaster (Needlework), Mr Cubitt (Art) and Mr Twist (Orchestra).
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