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Cottingley Approach, Cottingley Library (Cottingley)
Colour image1995. Exterior view of Cottingley Branch Library, based in the Community Centre building situated on Cottingley Approach. Various notices are displayed in the window including one giving opening times. This library has since closed down.
[internal reference; 20081020_167583:SMALL BRANCH LIBRARIES 1995 PACK 1/1]
Cottingley Approach, Cottingley Library (Cottingley)
Colour image1995. Exterior view of Cottingley Library on Cottingley Approach. Built in the 1980s as part of the new Community Centre, it replaced the old library housed in Cottingley School but is now closed.
[internal reference; 20081020_167584:SMALL BRANCH LIBRARIES 1995 PACK 1/2]
Cottingley Approach, Cottingley Library (Cottingley)
Colour imagec1980s. View of Cottingley Branch Library, situated on Cottingley Approach. This library is now closed.
[internal reference; 20081028_167720:S LIHL COTT 1]
Cottingley Library (Cottingley) (1 comment)
Black & White image1952, This photograph shows readers choosing books in small evening branch, which was installed in Cottingley School. This bank of shelving had shutters which the librarian would put in place when the library combined with a clinic and community centre.
[internal reference; 20021210_61808413:T L1HL Cottingley (1)]
Cottingley Library (Cottingley) (2 comments)
Black & White image1952, Small branch library set up in Cottingley School to open in the evenings. This and other small libraries were placed in existing buildings to serve areas in which the larger branches were not easily accessible. These branches were run by the Circulating Department which was based in offices at York Road Library. They were gradually replaced by services from Mobile Libraries or more permanent premises.
[internal reference; 20021210_81100101:T L1HL Cottingley (3)]