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Ceylon Cafe, County Arcade no. 24 (City Centre) (7 comments)
Black & White image13th September 1906 This 1906 image shows the Ceylon Cafe later listed as J. Lyons Co Ltd. Ornate ceiling, balcony and pillars are visible with a large fountain (no water) in the centre. Tables and chairs are arranged around the floor and a counter bar can be seen in the background. Other J. Lyons Cafes opened in Bond Street in 1908 and the Grand Arcade in 1910. This cafe originally opened in 1903.
[internal reference; 20031010_79969424:D LIN Ceylon 2]
Ceylon Cafe, postcard (City Centre) (1 comment)
Colour imageUndated. Colour-tinted postcard showing the interior of the Ceylon Cafe in County Arcade. The cafe features a richly decorated ceiling, balcony and pillars with a fountain in the centre of the tables. The cafe opened in 1903; it later changed its name to J. Lyons Cafe, one of three J. Lyons cafes in the city centre, the others being in the Grand Arcade and on Bond Street.
[internal reference; 2011314_171948:Artemis Pack 25 (Leeds Centre-Misc) no.2]
County Arcade (City Centre)
Colour image26th September 1999.The shopfronts in this arcade are mahogany with pink marble columns. There is an ornate iron and glass roof with mosaic figures representing arts and industries. The floor is also mosaic. Several shops are visible.
[internal reference; 10330:MIL 20/31]
County Arcade (City Centre)
Colour image26th September 1999.This arcade has a mosaic floor and an ornate iron and glass roof. It forms part of the Victoria Quarter. There are several people visible.
[internal reference; 10331:MIL 20/33]
County Arcade (City Centre) (8 comments)
Colour image26th September 1999.County Arcade in Victoria Quarter. Several shoppers are visible. The ornate ceiling and mosaic floor are prominent in this image. County Arcade was once the home of the famous Mecca Ballroom, or Spinning Disc.
[internal reference; 10333:MIl 20/30]